2022 National Youth Fishing Association  Tournament Entry Form

IL Middle School Entry

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NYFA/TA, Inc., has compiled a set of rules that have been compiled from the laws of the State of Missouri, Missouri Department of Conservation, and standard rules set forth by the bass tournament industry.  Below are the addresses to obtain the proper rules and regulations to conservation and Boater Safety.  NYFA/TA will strictly enforce these rules.

The State of Missouri and Boater Safety Regulations can be found at the following: http://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/MSHPWeb/WaterPatrol/

The Missouri Department of Conservation fishing regulations can be found at http://mdc.mo.gov.

Below is a list of the divisions that are available for our NYFA/TA anglers.   The young anglers may choose a division to fish.  Young anglers may fish all divisions if so choose.  Each event will have a $40 per team fee for HS Div. and a $40 per team fee for MS Div.  The one $60 membership gets you into all NYFA/TA divisions.

All Entries and fees must be received by the Monday at 5pm at PO Box 297, Rogersville, Mo. 65742, prior to the event to make the early draw.  There will be late registrations, but you will be placed in the order the entries and fees are received, a $20 Fee will be applied.

Entries accepted beginning January-01-2022

Download:  NYFA 2022 entryform

Please Note: Multiple entries from the same I.P. address (school, office or home) at the same time will cause the spam blocker to freeze up and only the first few entries will be accepted. Please do not attempt to complete multiple entries from the same location.