5/5/18 Table Rock Lake Flights

Weigh-in at White Water water park on HWY 76 in Branson

You must be CHECKED IN  to be considered on time

If you are late you will be disqualified

Some things to go over for the tournament.

1. No running on plane in the fog.
2. You must know your boat number when you arrive at white water.
3. You must be in the parking lot by your Weigh in times. We have allowed extra time to make it.
4. You must get your Weigh in card at the Red tent before you weigh your fish. You must park 1st before going to the Red tent.
5. We will have a Giant LEWS Flag at the entrance off 76 hwy.
6. No Fishing before your First Cast time. You maybe on the water before your time and be at your spot, but no fishing before then.

We have allowed extra time for traveling to our weigh in location at White Water. We also have flight times posted on our website.

Essay question for the Table Rock Event.

What are the steps and procedures for safely transporting your catch in a live well?

We will be drawing two $400 Scholarships from the essays turned in. You or your team member must be present to receive the draw scholarships.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Be Safe and Good Fishing.

Flight 1: First Cast 6:15 AM Weigh-in 3:00 PM

Second Flight: First Cast 6:20 AM Weigh-in 3:10 PM

Third Flight: First Cast 6:25 am Weigh-in 3:20 PM

Fourth Flight: First Cast  6:30 AM Weigh-in 3:30 PM

Fifth Flight : First Cast 6:35 am Weigh-in 3:40 PM

Sixth Flight: First Cast 6:40 AM Weigh-in 3:50 PM